Sunday School

In a secular society such as Australia, there is virtually no opportunity for children to learn the faith of their ancestors. Of course, the home is the first and primary place of spiritual learning with the parents having the primary responsibility for their child’s spiritual upbringing. Grandparents and godparents also play a significant role. This learning can be supplemented by our Sunday School.

Held between 10.30am – 11.00am on Sundays, our Sunday School gives the opportunity for parents to attend church for their own benefit while the kids are engaged in various activities in a classroom format. We also organise an annual family picnic and a camp for the Primary group.

We run three groups:

  1. Infants (grades K-2)
  2. Primary (grades 3-6) &
  3. Early High School (grades 7-12).

Parents are requested to bring their children to church at 10am. The children gather in the front row and line up for Holy Communion as a group before heading downstairs for the activities and the lesson (approx. 30 mins). At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy (approx. 11am), parents can collect their children from the Church Hall. Children attending the Infants and Primary school classes are requested to bring a folder in which to place their summary/activity sheets.

The lessons start annually on the Sunday of Orthodoxy (late February-early March) and run until December. At the end of the year, the children put on an on-stage presentation.

Our Sunday School first began in April 1962 and we recognise the people who have kindly volunteered to teach: Fran Aroney, Elizabeth Coplin, Anastasia Tahmindjis, Stan Georgiou, Despina Melas, Maria Katsigarakis, Eve Trefelly, Michele Cassimaty, Paraskevi Fisher, Vassiliki Field, Fotini Metcalfe, Presvytera Stella Karvelas, Raphael George, Greg & Tina Roditis, Themie Bekiaris, Angela Bekiaris and currently, Con Kargas, Anthea Stylianakis, Tony Athanasou, Nicholas Athansou, Maria Athanasou and George Tsamoglou