Pastoral Care

Guidance and advice

Our parish priest is always available to give advice and discuss any issues or problems parishioners may have. This can be as simple as a phone call. If the more time is needed, an appointment can be made to have an informal, friendly discussion on the issue at hand. That initial meeting would allow the priest to determine if the issue should be referred to some professional, such as marriage counsellor, social worker or psychologist.

Hospital Visits

If someone is in hospital and could do with a pastoral visit, families and next-of-kin are asked to consider calling the priest. Many people benefit from such a visit. They get strength and encouragement.

Home Visits

If you felt you wanted to give something back to the community, you are welcome to volunteer to do something as simple as buy milk and bread for an elderly person who may be lonely at home. Checking in on someone once a week makes you somewhat of a guardian angel for that person isolated at home.