Parish Committee

The current Parish Committee (2022) comprises of the following members:

President: Spero Raissis
Vice President: Gerry Fragias
Secretary: Rozy Dorizas
Treasurer: John Gesouras
Committee Members: Sergio Argyrou, Sophie Bakis-Petsoglou, John Barbouttis, Nicholas Golfin, Dean Haritos, Doukas Kontopos, George Masselos & James Stevens.

The Parish Committee is responsible for financial management and day to day operations of the St George Parish Church and its associated sub committees and other asset holdings.

In carrying out the above responsibilities a number of sub-committees have been formed in the areas of:

Community – Dean Haritos
Communications – Nicholas Golfin
Maintenance – Gerry Fraigas
Governance & Legacy – Spero Raissis
Greek Language School – Nicholas Golfin