Schedule of Fees


Sacrament Fee Breakdown (Traditional Responsibility) Amount
Baptism $600* Church Fee (paid by Godparents)
Priest Fee (paid by Parents)
Chanter Fee (paid by Godparents)
Baptismal Certificate Fee (paid by Parents)
Optional: Copy of Certificate (paid by Parents)
Wedding $890* Church Fee (paid by the Koumbaroi)
Priest Fee (paid by the Couple)
Chanter Fee (paid by the Couple)
Single Status Certificates (paid by the Couple)
Additional: Archdiocese Fee (paid by the Couple)
Optional: Copy of Certificate (paid by the Couple)
Hall Hire (Capacity is 150 people)
Funeral or Memorial Fee (incl. GST)
Baptism, Other Function/Party Fee (incl. GST)
Divorce Paperwork fee paid to Archdiocese $350
Funeral $605* (paid through Funeral Directors)
Church Fee (incl. GST)
Priest Fee (incl. GST)
Chanter Fee (incl. GST)
Memorial $90 Parish Fee
Artoklasia Parish Fee $30

* To be made as a single payment to the Church

All payments requested to be made in advance.