Sacrament Fee Breakdown (Traditional Responsibility) Amount
Church Fee (paid by Godparents)
Priest Fee (paid by Parents)
Chanter Fee (paid by Godparents)
Baptismal Certificate Fee (paid by Parents)
Optional: Copy of Certificate (paid by Parents)
Church Fee (paid by the Koumbaroi)
Priest Fee (paid by the Couple)
Chanter Fee (paid by the Couple)
Single Status Certificates (paid by the Couple)
Additional: Archdiocese Fee (paid by the Couple)
Optional: Copy of Certificate (paid by the Couple)
Hall Hire (Capacity is 150 people)
Funeral or Memorial Fee (incl. GST)
Baptism, Other Function/Party Fee (incl. GST)
Divorce Paperwork fee paid to Archdiocese $350
(paid through Funeral Directors)
Church Fee (incl. GST)
Priest Fee (incl. GST)
Chanter Fee (incl. GST)
Parish Fee
Artoklasia Parish Fee $30

* To be made as a single payment to the Church. All payments requested to be made in advance.