Ladies Auxiliary

The history of the Ladies Auxiliary was established at a meeting in January 1958 before our church was being built.

A sum of 2,756 Australian Pounds was raised by the original committee which was a huge sum in 1958 and given to the church building fund. The aim of the group was to foster fellowship within our parish by holding functions throughout the year enabling them to continue their good work.

The first President was Mrs. Marie Carr whose untiring effort and enthusiasm in organising various fund raising functions set the pattern which was carried by subsequent Presidents. The first Secretary was Laura Varvaressos and Treasurer, Irene Andronicos.

Their first party was on 1st March, 1958 at the home of Dr. Dimitri Varvaressos who was the first president of the Parish Committee.

The Ladies Auxiliary work tirelessly to keep and foster our parish’s Greek heritage and traditions.

The current major goal of the Ladies Axiliary is the establishment of a facility for the elderly members of our parish.

Enquiries to:

Ladies Auxiliary 1

Executive Committee:

President Marie Bekiaris 0412 620 095
Vice President Anna Vlahos

Evelyn Vertzagias

0417 673 370

0400 027 889

Secretary Christine Penklis 0417 027 470
Vice Secretary Patricia Aroney 0411 521 723
Treasurer Penny Kyros-Maragiannis 0404 000 818
Vice Treasurer Suzane Peponis-Brisimis

Stella Boyages

0418 238 723

0419 438 823

Parish Priest Fr Gerasimos Koutsouras 0404 967 091

For event bookings, please contact Marie Bekiaris or Christine Penklis

The Ladies Auxiliary Committee meetings are held in the Church Hall on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm


Ladies Auxiliary 2


Below is a poem written for the Ladies Auxiliary, by Sam Dimos,  the uncle of Mrs Sophia Harris.

Είσται κυρίαις σεβασταίς
μέσα στο σπίτι του Θεού βαλμέναις
και δύνεται ψυχαγώγιση σε πολλούς
είσται από τον Θεό ευλογημέναις.

Κουράζεσται με σώμα και σκέψοις
να προσφέρεται αυτά που εδίδαξε ο Χριστός
χωρίς ανταμιβεί στο έργο που έχεται διαλέξει
και έτσι σπίτι σας έγινε του αγιώγη ο ναός.

Είσται κυρίαις υπέροχαις
γεμάταις χαρά και καλοσύνη
διαφτό όσοι σας γνωρίζουνε
σας χρεοστούν ευνομοσύνη.

Και όλοι εμοίς σου ευχόμεθα
μέσα από την καρδιά μας
καλά να είσθαι πάντοτες
και πάντα να μένεται κοντά μας.