Greek Language School

The Afternoon Greek Language School has been operating since April 1962 with the important goal of teaching the Greek language to children from years K to 6. Our Greek School aims to present all aspects of the Modern Greek language and culture to its students including vocabulary building, reading, writing and grammar with an emphasis on conversation.

School Location:

Lessons are held in the Church Hall under the church at 90-92 Newcastle St, Rose Bay. Sufficient, free parking is available along Newcastle St.

Weekly Class Schedule:

MON 3:30pm-5pm – Pre Junior/Kindy Class (Yr K/5 yr olds)

MON 3:30pm-5:30pm – Beginners 1 Class (Yr 1 or Beginners of any age)

MON 3:30pm-5:30pm – Greek for students with learning differences

MON 5:00pm-7:00pm – B1 Level Class (Year 7 or older)

TUE 4:00pm-6:00pm – A2 Level Class (Yr 6 or older)

WED 3:30pm-5:300pm – Junior 2 Class (Yr 2 or older)

THU 3.30-5.30pm  – A1 Level Class 2 (Yr 4 or older)

FRI 3.30-5.30pm  – A1 Level Class 1 (Yr 3 or older)

The school operates 4 terms in line with the NSW school term dates. Students who excel in Year 6 have the option to sit for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (A1 & A2) issued by the Greek Ministry of Education.

Greek Language Head Teacher: Mrs Marie Gerantonis
Greek Kindy/Learning Differences Teacher: Ms Joanne Mayson

School Curriculum:

In late 2013 the School made its first technological leap and installed a state of the art, interactive whiteboard in our Church Hall. Our Promethean whiteboard is the same model as ones being used by local high schools. The whiteboard is already in use and to quote our Greek School Teacher, is “bringing life to the lessons and happiness to the students’ learning experience”.The entire school syllabus, including textbooks has been refreshed for 2017 with new, contemporary KLIK textbooks being sourced from Greece.

The online ClassDojo tool is being used to create an online class community between the teacher, students and parents. It is used to set/complete homework, award student credits and also allows two-way communication between parents and teacher

In 2017, the Hall Stage has been completely re-purposed into a classroom, acting as a dedicated learning/teaching space for our Greek School. Sporting bright, fresh colours and new classroom furniture and a dedicated smart board, we are sure the children will come to feel this space as their own!

Schedule of Fees:

$175 per term – Student (single child)

$131 per term – Student (for 2nd sibling)

$105 per term – Student (for 3rd or more sibling)

Fees are paid twice yearly:

Term 1 and 2 fees are due in full in week 1,Term 1.

Term 2 and 3 fees are due in full in week 1,Term 3.

The School’s financial administration is performed by the Greek School Committee on a voluntary basis, and your co-operation and early payment makes this process much easier. We encourage all payments to be made by online by EFT to the St George Greek School Account:

Branch BSB: 062-275
Account No: 10008308
Payment Description: please include your child/children’s SURNAME and initial the payment reference field (e.g. SURNAME J)
Cash or cheque payment (made to St George Greek School) directly to Mrs Gerantonis remains an option should EFT payment not be possible for you.

To enroll your child please register your intention by emailing the Church office at; or, alternatively, by calling on 9371 9929.